Whendi Armstrong in blue shirt in front of blurred trees and buildingNational Park College (NPC) student Whendi Armstrong was recently awarded the Math and Science scholarship. She is completing her Associate of Science in Education with a focus on middle-level education in math and literacy.

Armstrong is a nontraditional student and always dreamed of being a teacher. Her mother encouraged her to follow her dreams. After the loss of her mom, she wanted to fulfill her goals and make her mother proud, so she enrolled at NPC.

As a Hot Springs native of 23 years, Armstrong was drawn to NPC because it is part of her community. Her mother was an alumnus and introduced Armstrong to the college. She plans to transfer to the University of Central Arkansas (UCA) in the fall of 2021 to complete her bachelor's degree.

Dr. Christopher Thrasher, History faculty and director of the Honors Program at NPC had the pleasure of teaching Armstrong and recruiting her into the Honors Program. Armstrong’s capstone project was to help students bridge the gap from high school to college. “Whendi is a committed servant to her college and her community. She is helping to lead a fight across multiple schools for the future of our state. Armstrong is a strong leader,” Thrasher stated.

“This scholarship means my future. It means all of my hard work is paying off and people see it. I was questioning whether people saw my efforts. The scholarship made my drive to complete that much more,” expressed Armstrong.