Baldwin Awarded John and Helen Selig Scholarship

Headshot of Miriam BaldwinNational Park College (NPC) student Miriam Baldwin was recently awarded the John and Helen Selig scholarship. She is pursuing her associate degree in Biology, pre-health and will transfer to Southern Arkansas University’s program to complete her bachelor’s degree here at NPC.

Baldwin graduated from NPC and is returning after learning about new opportunities to complete a bachelor’s degree with SAU. The comfort of the campus and the amazing teachers helped her decide to attend NPC.

Dr. Christopher Thrasher, history faculty at NPC, said, “While most students excel in only one or two areas, Baldwin is a very well-rounded scholar who has earned excellent grades in diverse courses including the honors seminar in makerspace technology, literature, history and chemistry. Baldwin is a quick learner with tremendous potential and an impressive grade-point average.”

Baldwin wants to focus on more of the biology side of her degree while incorporating a historical science approach. She is considering Paleobiology. 

“I am really grateful for the scholarship. It means that someone is recognizing my potential and my ability to continue education in these hard times when the funds may not always be available,” said Baldwin.