Cruz Receives Megahan Scholarship

Headshot of Guadalupe Cruz in front of blurred foilage.National Park College (NPC) student Guadalupe Cruz was recently awarded the Robyn Lynn Megahan scholarship. She is completing her Associate of Science degree in Nursing.

Cruz is a first-generation college student whose goal is to provide a better lifestyle for her family. After graduating from NPC, Cruz plans to begin working as a registered nurse, but she hopes to further her education in the future.

Without the help of financial aid, Cruz is responsible for all of her educational expenses. She said, “The scholarship means a lot. It means a first-generation student has more opportunities.” She chose NPC due to the low cost and the ability to stay close to home.

English faculty member, Leslie Braniger stated, “Guadalupe was an enthusiastic student in her composition class, involved in class discussion and illustrating the persistence needed to succeed in college. I am proud to congratulate her on her most recent achievement, being awarded this scholarship.”

“I am beyond grateful, thank you for the opportunity,” expressed Cruz.