Human Resources Honors Employees

National Park College (NPC) and the human resource department honored employees with service awards. Radiologic Technology faculty Carla Kelley and Radiologic Technology program director Debra Wilson both celebrated 25 years at NPC.

Debra Wilson and Karla Kelley holding gifts.Kelley stated, "I love NPC for several reasons one of which is the smaller class sizes. This allows us to work more one on one with our students. NPC has always had that down-home feel, everyone knows everyone that works here, it is a personable place to work. Mrs. Janice Ivers, our Dean of Health Science, is a family-oriented person. She will always encourage you to make time for your family and to take time to care for your family. I cherish this very thing about NPC, not every 'boss' is like that toward their employees."

"After 25 years of employment, I am honored to be a part of the NPC family. I love that NPC has evolved over the years to the changing needs of the students. I am blessed with amazing coworkers. We all work together to educate students in the healthcare field. It’s a
Diane Fergadis holding gift true joy to see students graduate, pass their national exams, and find gainful employment. That’s what makes NPC a great place to work," said Wilson.

Celebrating 30 years with NPC are Mary Kay Wurm, Career Services director and Diane Fergadis, nursing faculty. 

While reflecting on what makes NPC a great place to work, Wurm stated, "National Park College is a truly wonderful place to work. First, it’s the team of coworkers that make daily projects fun and rewarding, also, the opportunity to learn and to grow professionally. I love working with a variety of projects that increase opportunities for our community and future student Mary Kay Wurm holding giftemployment, we have the flexibility to try new activities and grow with programs that are successful. Best of all, working at NPC has allowed me to see the growth of our students from the time they first come to campus until graduation and afterward. It is a pleasure to be a small part of such life-changing learning for our students and their families. National Park College is growing opportunities."

Fergadis said, "Working at NPC has meant that I have an important opportunity to help share and change someone's life. Helping and guiding them to change the way they think, apply knowledge and have the confidence to be successful not only as a person, but in a new career as an RN."

The chair of communications and arts, Roger Fox was honored for his 40-year dedication to NPC.

"I am thankful each day for having the good fortune of working at this college. I strongly believe in two-year colleges and know that if itRoger Fox holding giftwere not for them, thousands of people would never be able to work toward a post-secondary degree. In fact, I would probably have never gone to college if it had not been for Garland County Community College and a scholarship I received to attend. I knew from the time I set foot in the door for registration at the Hot Springs Convention Center that I wanted to work here. Everyone was so accepting, accommodating. I have enjoyed a career working at three different colleges and never leaving the same place- Garland County Community College, National Park Community College, and National Park College have all three been a very different place of employment. Even now, as we may be called National Park COVID College, it is a different environment, atmosphere. I have been blessed with good health, have been surrounded by good people, have had some excellent students, and realize each day how fortunate I have been. Very few can say they have been so lucky," said Fox.