CDAC, DEI Present Walk A Mile In Her Shoes®

The Cultural Diversity Awareness Club (CDAC) and the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council (DEI) at National Park College (NPC) celebrated Women’s History Month with Walk a Mile in Her Shoes® Wednesday. The walk takes place on college and university campuses around the country through the months of March and April annually.

Pictured is NPC alumnus, Roger Powell (center), student Edgar Ceja (left), and student Tyler Wray (right).This event is a playful opportunity to raise awareness about the serious issue of violence against women. Male faculty, staff and students slipped on red stilettos and strutted around the Kettle, in the NPC gymnasium.

The Ouachita Children’s Center (OCC), Ouachita Family Center and the Women’s Chamber of Commerce of Hot Springs had information available to attendees. Ouachita Family Center is one of two centers under the sponsorship of OCC and the only center serving victims of domestic violence in Garland County.

Guest speaker, Susan Millerd serves as an intervention specialist at NPC, Title IX coordinator, instructor, an organizes the campus’ Red Flag Campaign events. She is also a clinical social worker and received her credentials from the University of Arkansas Little Rock.

Monica Montgomery, program director for Ouachita Family Center, a new women’s shelter located in Hot Springs spoke on domestic violence in Garland County. She serves as a mentor coach for young women and as a guest relations coordinator at Women and Children First, a shelter for domestic violence against women.

President Jimmy Carter declared the week of March 8 as National Women’s History Week in 1980. Since 1995, each president has issued annual proclamations designating the month of March as Women’s History Month to celebrate the countless women whose courage and resolve have contributed to the character and success of our Nation and the entire world.

Pictured is NPC alumnus, Roger Powell (center), student Edgar Ceja (left), and student Tyler Wray (right).