OSD Grant Brings Training To Local Aerospace Industry

Radius employee and class participant Jeremiah Myers as he practices drilling.National Park College (NPC) Community and Corporate Training partnered with Radius Aerospace to develop a three-week, 120-hour training program to help prepare new employees to install precision fasteners. Radius was awarded a Workforce Training Grant from the Office of Skills Development (OSD), which covered 75 percent of the total training costs for the project.

NPC instructor Joe Johnson visited the facility to review processes, consulted with managers at Radius, and created a curriculum outline that met their needs. The updated curriculum provides an advanced perspective to the aircraft manufacturing process, replicating a realistic manufacturing environment. The new method enables trainees to practice drilling at various angles, master advanced countersinking techniques, and simulates working with rolled parts, which mimic winged leading edges for a large corporate jet.

“We have already seen an immediate positive impact to our quality, schedule, cost and very importantly, the morale due to an increased confidence the employees gain after the revised training,” said Senior Program Engineer David Hernandez. “A reduction in scrap has been a key performance metric we have been monitoring and we are happy to report our new hires have scrapped zero since they completed NPC training.”

Radius employee and class participant Jeremiah Myers said, “This [class] is fantastic. It is definitely worth it. For the company, it just makes better employees all the way around. We know what we are doing. On a personal level, I am very grateful for it because it helps us develop as aircraft sheet metal mechanics.”

“NPC serves a critical need to our local manufacturers by leveraging our highly specialized workforce training instructors that have the ability to visit the facilities, meet with leadership, identify the skills gap, and then assist in developing training,” said NPC Vice President for Workforce and Strategic Initiatives Kelli Embry. “The result provides the employers with a highly skilled workforce that is more productive and creates greater efficiency which reduces waste and increases profits.”

Approximately 60 new employees are scheduled to be trained by the end of the year. Pictured is Radius employee and class participant Jeremiah Myers as he practices drilling.