NPC Marine Repair Program Partners With Local Industry

National Park College students with Futrell Marine technician.National Park College (NPC) Marine Repair Technology program has partnered with local industry to bring new product to campus for educational purposes. Futrell Marine, Xpress Boats, and Bradford Marine have each committed to providing new boats and motors that will be used as teaching tools and returned upon completion of the lesson.

Futrell Marine delivered a Mastercraft XT-22 tow boat designed for water sports to campus last week. “By rotating new boats into the Marine program, we will give students a much broader introduction to what they will see after graduation,” said instructor Delmar Hunter. He noted it is unrealistic to purchase a boat like this for classroom use. The XT-22 is valued over $130,000.

Paul McDade of Futrell Marine explained that one of the marina’s technicians is a graduate of the NPC Marine Repair Technology program. “We are definitely anxious to help in any way that we can. It has benefited us already because we have one of the techs that has graduated here.”

Hunter expressed his appreciation to each of the marinas for their support. “We are grateful to have local marinas who are willing to invest resources into our program, as well as the leadership of Bill Barnes, owner of Mountain Harbor Resort and Spa, to find ways to help our students be prepared after they graduate. This partnership will enhance our curriculum and give our students more confidence as they enter the workforce.”

Pictured is Futrell Marine technician Justin Harrington demonstrating how to open the XT-22 engine compartment to Marine Repair Technology students Danielle Russell, Charles Smith-Rowland, and Zachary Wagoneer.