NPC Announces Lloyd's Second Chance Scholarship Recipient

National Park College student, John Elmore, shaking hands with Lloyd's Auto Center owner, Lloyd Robertson. National Park College (NPC), US Stations and Lloyd’s Auto Sales announced the recipient of the Second Chance Scholarship this week. Jonathon Elmore was selected out of more than 100 applications.

Elmore is a non-traditional student attending college for the first time. He graduated from Mountain Pine High School in 2006 and said he is both nervous and excited to begin this new chapter. He hopes the career change will allow for more time with his family. “Eventually, the plan is to have more home time and then to get a career that is not going to be so physically bearing on me, that way I can have a better home life,” he said.

Elmore plans to complete an education degree and teach and coach football one day. “If I could change one person’s life over a long career that would be a satisfying career.” He and his wife have four children, including three daughters ages 12, four and three, and a son age one. “I am super thankful for the opportunity and I look forward to trying to take advantage of it,” said Elmore.

Lloyd’s Auto Sales owner, Lloyd Robertson said, “Lloyd’s Auto Sales considers it a privilege to once again partner with National Park College to present a deserving student with the Second Chance Scholarship. This year’s recipient, Jonathon Elmore, embodies the concept of going back by becoming a teacher and coach. Jonathan has a strong desire to help shape and mold youth for today’s world. We wish him the best as he pursues his dream.”

The Lloyd's Second Chance Scholarship is available to students who need a second chance at earning an education thanks to the generosity of Lloyd's Auto Sales and National Park College. The scholarship covers full tuition and fees for two years.

“There’s so many that deserve a second chance and just because of life it is difficult for them to come to school, so the scholarship gives them a vehicle to come to school. Jonathan obviously has a desire to better himself, but he also wants to give back to our community and we love that part. He wants to shape these young minds and lives as he teaches,” said Robertson. “We are excited to be a part of it.”

Pictured is Lloyd Robertson (right) with scholarship recipient, Jonathan Elmore (left).