Master Herbalist Offers Six-Week Healthy Living Course

Herbalist Wendy FargoNational Park College (NPC) Community and Corporate Training will offer a six-week Introduction to Healthy Living course this month designed by Certified Master Herbalist Wendy Fargo.

Fargo spent years as a middle school teacher and holds an Educational Specialist degree in Administration for Teaching and Learning. She lost her husband to cancer after more than a decade of struggle with clinical trials and chemotherapy. Shortly after he passed away, Fargo was diagnosed with cancer. She was determined to find an alternative, natural solution to chemotherapy and instead chose an herbal cleansing regimen. Fargo said after six months she was cancer free. “I felt really grateful because I felt like I had an opportunity that a lot of people don’t have and that is that I could literally reinvent myself,” she said.

After finding the School of Natural Healing, Fargo completed a Master of Herbology through their master herbalist program. “I just wanted to be on the other side of wellness,” said Fargo. She said, “Our bodies are designed to heal themselves. With just a little bit of understanding of what’s been provided for us in the way of herbs and ways to be well, you can live a really confident, happy, joyful life.”

Fargo said, “I decided I live in the perfect place. I have 20 acres and two houses, and you can grow just about anything here.” She began by building greenhouses and asking for guidance from others. “I’m kind of growing with it. One thing has led to another to where I actually have a business of creating wonderful products that I know are good because I grow the herbs and the formulas are my own,” she added.

“I always default and go back to education and learning because I’m a lifelong learner. I feel like the more I know, the more powerful I am. I love to teach people about herbs. It’s empowering. It is so exciting to know that with a handful of four or five different herbs growing in your yard, or in a pot, you can pretty much handle any crisis,” said Fargo.

Fargo said she loves learning and sharing her knowledge with others. “It will be a never-ending, happy thing for me because it’s who I am. But, to be able to teach about what I love, that’s just a bonus.”

The Introduction to Healthy Living course will introduce participants to 11 different herbs indigenous to the area. It will include hands-on instruction for how to identify the herbs, their chemical composition, medicinal uses, how to grow, harvest and preserve them for use in salves, tinctures, and syrups. The course begins October 15. Visit for registration information.