NPC Sees 25 Percent Increase In Graduates

NPC Sees 25 Percent Increase In Graduates

National Park College (NPC) announced a 25 percent increase in graduates this year. The College held spring commencement ceremonies at Bank of the Ozarks Arena Saturday, May 12.

NPC students earned 651 degrees and certificates during the 2017-2018 academic year, compared to 483 in 2016-2017. The College had 458 graduates for the 2017-2018 academic year, compared to 365 in 2016-2017. This results in a 34.78 percent increase in credentials earned and a 25.48 percent increase in graduates. Summer graduates will not be conferred until August and are not included in these counts.

Dr. Wade Derden, vice president for academic affairs said, “We have worked hard over the past few years to make the path to graduation more attainable for students and to see our efforts payoff is rewarding. Every credential earned means a life changed and the impact of that credential creates a ripple effect for that person’s family as well.”

Derden said the increase is the result of many different things the campus has implemented in an effort to increase student success. “It’s lots of things. We’ve got a faculty and staff that care about our students. They believe in the mission of the College to help students be more successful. They are driven. It’s a driven campus. We are challenging the status quo,” said Derden.

“Our faculty are exceptional and they deserve a great deal of credit for helping our students achieve this success,” said Derden.

His team has clarified administrative processes and restructured degree plans to remove as many obstacles as possible, eliminating unnecessary credit hours and creating a more efficient path to earn a degree. Clearly defined degree plans, deliberate advising strategies, expanded academic support services have also contributed to students graduating on time. “All of this success with the graduates is just a reflection of all of those efforts and all of those changes over the past couple of years paying off,” Derden added.

Governor Asa Hutchinson challenged colleges and universities to reduce the educational attainment gap for the state as part his Closing the Gap 2020 master plan for higher education released in 2015.

Bee Thao of Bonnerdale, AR receiving his degree“Every investment we make at this College is strategically aimed at increasing degree attainment and helping more students earn a credential so they can improve the quality of life for their families. Increased graduates also contributes to the local economy as those individuals join the workforce and give back to the community,” said NPC President, Dr. John Hogan.

This year’s spring semester graduates include:


Associate’s Degrees: Logan C Diffee, Molly G Poirier, Hannah M Powell, Misty G Wilson

Technical Certificates: Sandra G Davis, Logan C Diffee, Kevin J Garner, Maggie H Hardage, Lana B Mehalic, Molly G Poirier, Sarah L Prince

Certificates of Proficiency: Amber G Boyett, Logan C Diffee


Associate’s Degrees: Sarah J Bell, Erica D Noumba Yonkeu

Technical Certificates: Erica D Noumba Yonkeu, Kayla Layne Smithey

Certificates of Proficiency: Tiffany T Newborn


Associate’s Degrees: Sherrion E Parks

Technical Certificates: Katrina A Hogue, Dawnielle E Hughes


Associate’s Degrees: Heather J Miller, Ashley S Vaughn

Technical Certificates: Trent L Allen

Certificates of Proficiency: Britney A Loy


Associate’s Degrees: Bee D Thao

Technical Certificates: Royce E Henthorn, Heather A Smith, Cody J Hill

Certificates of Proficiency: Cody J Hill


Associate’s Degrees: Kristen N Goodin, Carey L Rogers

Technical Certificates: Karia Daniel, Kristen N Goodin

Caddo Gap

Technical Certificates: Shannon M Young


Associate’s Degrees: Carla N Mitchell

Technical Certificates: Memory D Collatt, Carla N Mitchell


Technical Certificates: Kevin R Ramer


Associate’s Degrees: Jeremiah L Brown, Regina J Dunkerson, Natalie G Frizzell, John O Ovanic

Technical Certificates: Christian M Parker

Certificates of Proficiency: Joshua D Duncan, Dustin L Owens, Christian M Parker

Hot Springs

Associate’s Degrees: Charles W Akins, Kristina G Allison, Jonni G Avi, Andrea Danialle Barker, Tamara M Beckham, Christina G Bias, Matthew A Boxer, Rebecca L Brenneman, Danielle Raney Cantrell, Heather E Carter, James W Clark, Nicholas K Clayton, Haley N Crabb, John W Dale III, Kaitlyn D Davis, Laikin D Davis, Erica P De Foor, Joseph H Dees, Claudia E Diaz, Dulce O Diaz-Altamirano, Corey B Dillard, Deidra D Dobbs, Melinda A Dobbs, Jana C Dozier, Stevenjoe L Echols, Callie B Farmer, Bobby W Floyd, Sade A Foreman, Morgan R Fournier, Hannah L Fox, Selena S Frias, Mercedes G Garcia Lopez, April L Garner, Gregory S Gilbert, Misty N Gold, Alexandra Nicole Golden, Hallie C Green, Katherine L Green, Elena B Hale, Amanda R Hamerlinck, Lukas D Hanke, Haley N Harper, Sydney J Hathcock, Deanna L Henry, Harley R Herrington, Candace D Horton, Eathon R Howell, Patrick R Humphries, Alexis R Johnson, Jennifer N Johnson, Tasha N Jones, Brianna M Jordan, Megan M Kellogg, Kathleen A Keough, Courtney L Kilpatrick, Beneditte D Kouetcha, Carl Thomas Lane, Julie A Lawhorn, Kimberly J Lawrence, Janet M Lewis, Brandy S Lopez, Sarah E Love, Karl G Lowry, Alyssa L Margherone, Corbin D McCormick, Kae E McWilliams, Dianna L Mikkelsen, James A Miles, Doris Millward, Elvira Murillo, Aundrea M Nichols, Hemal V Patel, Julianna C Peret, Miguel A Perez, Stephanie H Ponzaneli, Anna C Pope, Angela K Powell, Jessica D Power, Jessica D Power, Alexis T Price, Roger D Price, Jeffery S Qualls, Matthew R Reynolds, Hannah J Rice, Joliene D Rousu, Malinda Jo Scott, Kiya D Searcy, Leveta A Sexton, Taylor D Singleton, Bobbi L Songer, Samantha N Spradling, Andrea L Strong, Stephanie Tackett, Angelia L Taylor, Colton S Terry, Robert V Thacker, Veronica B Tillery, Hunter D Vaughn, Blanca G Villatoro, Mandi L Vincent, Mandi L Vincent, Melissa Ward, Amy M Watson, Davaunna B Watson, Kimari Watson, Chris J Wells, Thomas R Whitwell, Rebecca L Wilson, Catina M Zerbe

Technical Certificates: Kristina G Allison, Brittany D Andrews, Mihai L Ardelean, Mark B Askew, Debra E Barry, Paige N Baxter, Tiffany N Beason, Tamara M Beckham, Melanie L Benoit, Christina G Bias, Beatrice Capps, Garrett J Carriger, Heather E Carter, Jesse K Chase, Trista Lynette Cheney, Logan M Clark, Reagan E Clem, Haley N Connor, Laverna M Craigg, John W Dale III, Joseph C Darden, Laikin D Davis, Ronnie D Dawson, Erica P De Foor, Andy O Denning, Dulce O Diaz-Altamirano, Stevenjoe L Echols, Charity S Emley, Britney N Estes, Amore G Evans, Jared M Farias, Sade A Foreman, Dixie Leigh Gaston, Misty N Gold, Jessica A Griffin, Haley N Harper, Teressa B Harrison, Mary Hartley, Christy A Hodge, Rachel Elizabeth Hulsey, Jarod D Hunter, Paul B Jacobs, Kelli R Jennings, Hunter M Jester, Alexis R Johnson, Jennifer N Johnson, Madelyn L Jones, Carl Thomas Lane, Jessica L Larsen, Kimberly J Lawrence, Brooke N Lewis, Janet M Lewis, Kim Lim, Alexandra N Lindsey, Whitney D Livingston, Brandy S Lopez, Dan R Martin, Stephanie R Martin, Kevin D McClendon, Corbin D McCormick, Marcella I Mendez, James A Miles, Doris A Millward, Brandon D Moore, Cody B Mullins, DeAnna M Pelland, Julianna C Peret, Charles H Perkins, Tina M Pickens, Angela K Powell, Damon L Prince, Megan N Rhodey, Ashlee J Rice, Precious Hope Riley, Morgan P Rodriguez, LaNita N Roper, Joliene D Rousu, Logan T Russell, Trina G Samuels, John W Sharp, Jordan S Shelley, Haley L Smith, Phillip B Smith, Stephen A Smith, Bobbi L Songer, Micheal R Sparks, Jerry L Spetsieris, Courtney A Stepp, Courtney M Stevens, Chakelia C Summerville, Samuel L Tadlock, Angelia L Taylor, Robert V Thacker, Iemima Toma, Blanca G Villatoro, Jonathon D Vint, Kelsey R Wages, Davaunna B Watson, Felicia A Watts, Lacey L Wensel, Tanna D Winningham

Certificates of Proficiency: Harvest L Aings, John Oliver Albright, Ercie S Allen, Savanna l Bader, Michael A Barbara, Tyler C Barrett, Garrett T Biggers, Alitza M Cabibi-Wilkin, Samuel W Capps, Garrett J Carriger, Jaden H Childers, Logan M Clark, Laverna M Craigg, Sydney K Crawford, Joseph C Darden, William M Davidson, Hunter H Davis, Ronnie D Dawson, Andy O Denning, Triston H Dickinson, Bridgett Dunaway, Steven M Eberly, Layne Efird, Sarah A Emery, Ashlynn B Erwin, Nathan J Evans, Jared M Farias, Theresa C Farmer, Emma G Forbes, Patrick W Gleason, Zachary D Gower, Camryn E Gulledge, Joseph R Hall, Teressa B Harrison, Emily Joyce Hatley, Ayania T Hicks, Caleb J Holstine, Christian O Holt, Felix A Hunter Jr., Jarod D Hunter, Paul B Jacobs, Alexis M Jaeger, Hunter M Jester, Anna E Klunke, Chloe E Koonce, Charles A Krenzelok, Kimberly J Lawrence, David R Lawson, Barbara A Laxson, Cheryl D Lewis, Kristopher M Lopez, Qasim R Luqman, Dan R Martin, Deidra Ann McCoy, Nicole D Meier, Hunter P Miller, Kaitlain R Miramontes, Kaitlin R Mitchell, Brandon D Moore, Jason G Moore, Sebastiana D Moore, Goleta N Morrow, Paul L Murray, Katherine J Olis, Dante R Orosco, Brittany N Paris, Jaurice Patton. Cora B Petersen, William D Prestridge, James C Price, Damon L Prince, Paige A Reeves, Lee W Riddley, Marlin E Rigsby, Guinness D Riley, Precious Hope Riley, Jonathan M Robbins, David P Roberts, Jalyssa R Searcy, Laurn Sharif, Trevor H Shuffield, Micaela Sierra, Jensen M Sledd, Phillip B Smith, Stephen A Smith, Trey E Smith, Jerry L Spetsieris, Denzel L Stevenson, Chakelia C Summerville, Zane C Swayze, Emily V Talos, Shelby L Tiernan, Courtney E Tran, Cherokee Troxel, Blanca G Villatoro, Trenton D Walsh, Janice B Washington, Felicia A Watts, Kali D Webb, Nickolas W Wheeler, Brittana L Williams, MaKayla R Wilson, James W Winstead, Logan W Wright

Hot Springs Village

Associate’s Degrees: Felicia M Beasley, Bethany K Hampton, Justin W Hollis, Cindy L Lawrence, Calie E VanDusen

Technical Certificates: Ashley R Albert, Bethany K Hampton, Amber M Hayes, Justin W Hollis, Heaven R Kirk, Nicole M Lamay, Jacob T McAndrews

Certificates of Proficiency: Colton G Ault, Devon T Brewer, Shawn W McCoy, William C McKinley, Cheyenne L Seely, Christopher M Tobin


Associate’s Degrees: Coy D Adams, Sheena R Burrow, Whitley B Jester, Louise Annette Wilmoth

Technical Certificates: Sidney E Green


Associate’s Degrees: Tyler D Tigue

Technical Certificates: Maddie B White


Associate’s Degrees: Alicia N Neel

Technical Certificates: Alicia N Neel


Associate’s Degrees: Jessamine A Shearer, Dustin G Terry

Certificates of Proficiency: Garrett Lawrence Mathews


Associate’s Degrees: Jayla M Gaines, Haleigh M Helmick, Bayley L McDermott, Kaylin L Murphy, Caleb J Paul

Technical Certificates: Randy G Buie, Lauren N Ellis, Jayla M Gaines, Lindsey L Holyfield, Kayla E Kirksey, Kaylin L Murphy

Certificates of Proficiency: Randy G Buie, Willie J Creech, Chris A Hunt

Mount Ida

Certificates of Proficiency: Caleb L Bridges, Catlin N Winder

Mountain Pine

Associate’s Degrees: Janet R Bradley, Shyla S Hull, Christina L Weingart, Taylor L Whitten

Technical Certificates: Chelsey D Ditgen, Mary E Estell, Amanda M Huggins, Taylor L Whitten

Certificates of Proficiency: Devan C Steen


Technical Certificates: Morgan L Coulter


Certificates of Proficiency: Tarren A Blansett


Technical Certificates: Lindsey N Hall


Technical Certificates: Steven M Hughes


Associate’s Degrees: Dillon A Hobby, Dylan J Orman, Steven Parham, Christon D Rowland

Technical Certificates: Michael A Bennett, Dillon A Hobby, Jakob D Martin, Steven Parham, Billy Ray Smith

Certificates of Proficiency: Mark A Hill, Jakob D Martin, McKinley P Norton, Masen C Ross, Billy Ray Smith

Pencil Bluff

Technical Certificates: Melissa C Harmon

Pine Bluff

Technical Certificates: Devon M Katayama


Associate’s Degrees: Anna L Archer, Ethan G Cooper, Nicholas M Cullen, Justin L Dupre, James C Forbus, Ashley N Gibson, Jenna N Hamilton, Veronica A Hughes, Rachel Lundquist

Technical Certificates: Nicholas M Cullen, Rachel Lundquist, Braden L Truelove, Gregory V Sands, Kelly A Swaim

Certificates of Proficiency: Jonathan M Bettis, Hannah M Crow, Bryan Ibarra, Braden L Truelove


Associate’s Degrees: Harlie A Felton

Technical Certificates: Harlie A Felton, Lacy R Lenard

Certificates of Proficiency: Victoria L Lantz