Diamond Lakes Defenders Awards Scholarship

The Diamond Lakes Defenders Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club awarded a $500 First Responders Scholarship to National Park College (NPC) student John Albright this month.

Student, John Albright, recipient of the Defenders Club Schoalrship.Albright is a graduate of Lakeside High School and is enrolled in the Criminal Justice program. He completed the National Park Technology Center’s high school Criminal Justice program before enrolling at NPC. He works for the Lake Hamilton Fire Department and is working to complete an associate degree in criminal justice. He hopes to become a police officer after graduation. Albright said he was surprised to learn about the award and is grateful to the Defenders Club for selecting him.

Club president, Paul Calcagno said the club is open to all types of first responders. He says the club’s goal is to give back to the community through fundraising activities the group hosts throughout the year. “We are proud to give back to the community and our families of first responders from firefighters to law enforcement,” said Calcagno.

Calcagno shared advice with Albright about the challenges first responders face during their career. He explained, “Your family is going to pay the ultimate sacrifice, because you aren’t going to be there at night, you aren’t going to be there on the weekends.” He added, “It is a sacrifice most people don’t realize, but there is a sacrifice that your local first responders make.” Calcagno encouraged Albright for making the decision to pursue law enforcement and said, “keep your integrity about you.”

Pictured left to right: Flint Stock, Paul Calcagno, Herald Woody, John Albright, Tommy Kerr, Mike Roberts and Linda Roberts.