International Women's Day

March 8, 2017


National Park College (NPC) hosted an event in celebration of International Women’s Day Wednesday with guest speaker, Minnie Lennox and a Walk a Mile in Her Shoes® men’s march. The march is a playful way to increase awareness for serious women’s issues, including sexualized violence against women. The march featured male faculty, staff and students from a variety of areas on campus who were fitted with red high heeled shoes and given a pathway to walk.

The NPC Student Government Association, Cultural Diversity Awareness Club, the Women’s Chamber of Commerce, and the Quapaw House were each set up to provide resources that are available to women.

The difficulty the men experienced while walking is symbolic of the many struggles women have faced through the years to overcome inequalities. Guest speaker, Minnie Lennox, Director of Human Resources for the City of Hot Springs addressed the crowd. Lennox shared about her own experiences growing up and how she was discouraged from pursuing a career in engineering. She spoke about the adversity she faced and how it pushed her to keep going. She referenced the recent film, Hidden Figures and noted the ladies did not realize they were making history at the time. She said, “Some of you standing here today are making history.”

Lennox encouraged women to find what it is they are passionate about and do not give up. She said supporting one another and mentoring others along the way is vital to making progress for women. She said, “Don’t go on this journey by yourself, take someone with you – walk together, help each other.”

Dean Hudnell leading the International Women's Day men's march

Pictured is Dean of Enrollment, Jason Hudnell leading the International Women’s Day men’s march at NPC.