NPC Students Earn More Than 400 Degrees, Certificates


National Park College (NPC) held spring commencement ceremonies at Bank of the Ozarks Arena Saturday, May 13. NPC students earned 408 degrees and certificates during the 2016-2017 academic year.

The Hot Springs Concert Band performed the processional, “Pomp and Circumstance” and the National Anthem. The Hot Springs High School Navy Junior ROTC Color Guard presented the presentation of colors. Rev. Gregory Nettles, Senior Pastor of Historic Visitors Chapel AME Church of Hot Springs gave the invocation. Dr. John Hogan, NPC president addressed the graduates and the NPC Choral Department provided special music.

Graduate Howard Cherenick standing left of Dr. Tamara St. Marthe in their cap and gownsPhi Theta Kappa president, Howard Cheresnick was awarded the Thomas and Rachel Spencer Spirit of NPC Award. This award was established by former NPC President Dr. Tom Spencer in honor of his parents. The award is given to a graduate who best exemplifies academic achievement, contribution to the spirit of the College, and personal advancement. Cheresnick maintained a stellar academic record throughout his time at NPC. He is a member of the Cultural Diversity Club and is a founder of the peer-to-peer mentor program. He plans to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Special Education at Henderson State University. He currently works for Lake Hamilton School district as a para professional, where he is also a soccer coach and is a board member of the Hot Springs Soccer Association. Howard Cheresnick pictured left with Dr. Tamara St. Marthe.

Graduate Lorena Fitzpatick standing left of Dr. Wade Derden in their cap and gownsEducation student, Lorena Fitzpatrick was recognized for the Academic All-Star Award. The Arkansas Community Colleges Academic All-star program provides scholarships to students from each two-year college in the state in recognition of their scholarly and service achievements. Fitzpatrick is beginning her second year at NPC and is pursuing a degree in Education. After graduation, she plans to transfer to Henderson State University to obtain a bachelor’s in Education. She said her dream of becoming an educator was born out of the positive influence of her first grade teacher in a small town in southern Mexico. She is currently a full time student and balances her studies with maintaining a family and job. In her words, “I am living proof of the American dream. Success can be achieved if one works hard, never gives up, and treats all with dignity and respect. I want to give back not only to the community where I live but also to America. This great country gave me an opportunity to provide for my family.” Lorena Fitzpatrick pictured right with Dr. Wade Derden.

Graduates included:


Associate's Degrees: Rebecca Prince

Technical Certificates: Sarah Prince, Monalisa Wright


Associate's Degrees: Kamesha Cannady, Pamela Harvey Dunlap,

Technical Certificates: Devin Dowdle, Bobby Gravett, Kayla Thompson


Associate's Degrees: Denise Bettis, Lindsay Leggett


Associate’s Degrees: Nataly Velazquez, James Winters

Certificate of Proficiency: Trent Allen, Nathan Evans,


Associate’s Degree: Barbara Bates, Shasta Carter, Kaitlyne Fernandez, Seth Lucas, Kelley Ryals, Kristin Willet

Certificates of Proficiency: Kayla Torbett, Audrey Williams


Associate’s Degree: Brandie Bryant, Bobby Goodin

Certificates of Proficiency: Chantelle Myers

Technical Certificates: Bobby Goodin

Caddo Gap

Associate’s Degree: Brittany Vann, Crystal Cogburn

Fort Smith

Certificates of Proficiency: James Edmiston


Associate’s Degree: Melissa Brown, Jalyn Moore, Edgar Valdez

Certificates of Proficiency: Michael Ledesma, Zachary Markham, Christian Parker, Joshua Zamorano

Technical Certificates: Rainey Blake, Colton Gillaspy, Christian Parker

Hot Springs

Associate’s Degree: Ana Alegria, Nikki Allen, Joseph Arduengo, Theresa Bland, Ruby Brawner, Walter Bukowski, Angela Burris, Emily Cahanin, Gervante Campbell, Matthew Cheatham, Tylor Clark, Cassidy Conrad, Dana Cotroneo, Raymond Cox, Veronica Diaz, Allyson Dunbar, Taylor Duncan, Alison Dye, Rebecca Echols, Jennifer Edwards, Tiffany Ely, Jennifer Farner, Christopher Frazee, Yvonne Frias, Amanda Friedl, Oralia Garcia, Garrett Garner, Rachel Garner, Kelly Green, Ashley Guinn, James Hardister, Spencer Hecke, Jacob Hefley, Angie Hoaglin, Hannah Hollingsworth, Bailey Hughes, Oscar Ibanez, Alexis Jessup, Aaron Johnson, Jonathan Johnson, Kayla Johnston, Chandler Jordan, Katie Keesee, Julie Kern, Melissa Krafft, Amanda Lambright, Lindsey Jack, Nastassja Lowry, Dalton Loy, Benjamond Lynch, Ashley Markowski, Stephanie Martin, Samantha McCarroll, Alyssa McDonald, Le Anne Mitchell, Brooksie Morales, Desaray Moshier, Shelby Mullins, Alice Muritu, Aundrea Nichols, Destinye O'Brien, Heather Offutt, Amber Orrell, Rachel Otwell, Chandler Overton, Blake Patterson, Dylan Patton, Keanna Peck, Nicole Pedlar, Erica Peppers, Robin Phillips, Malory Pratt, Ines Ramirez, Chris Robertson, Cytlaly Rodriguez, Bryan Rosburg, Jessica Russell, Jason Sangster, Holly Sauders, Tasha Sears, Brittnie Sexton, Kalyn Sharp, Rayna Southern, Jerrica Speed, Caitlan Spoon, Lauren Stewart, Mason Tabor, Colton Terry, Klovis Tucker, Britan Upton, Jeremy Vaughn, Caleb Vermeer, Tyler Vestal, Kmitra Vigers, Blanca Villatoro, Kayla Walker, Julian Watson, Stevie Wells, David Wilkie, Brittney Williams, Jamie Williams, Stephanie Wright, Danielle Wynn, Lauren Wynn, Jennalyn Devers,

Certificates of Proficiency: Ana Alegria, Helen Bahena, Araceli Barajas, Tanner Bates, Paige Baxter, Kaitlyn Blackstone, Kentaveon Blevins, Victoria Brenneman, Garrett Carriger, Marshall Carter, Katelyn Charles, Jaden Childers, Katelynn Cone, Gregory Craig, Sydney Crawford, Jeremiah Davies, Anthony Davis, Jamie Durfee, Jerimiah Elliott, Tiffany Epperson, Joshua Fitzgerald, Lonzo Ford, James Gist, Jeffrey Hamrick, James Hardister, Miller Harwell, Kimberly Haufe, Mitchell Haus, Hawes Heard, Kierra Hildreth, Caleb Holstine, Cole Howard, Jacob Howard, Michael Hulse, Alexis Jaeger, Dakota Jensen, Christian Johns, Jennifer Johnson, Randall King, Barbara Laxson, Michael Lewis, Tiffany Lloyd, Daryl Lunceford, Dan Martin, Matthew Matheson, Nichkolas Mull, Caleb Nance, Reuben Palmer, Grace Payne, Alexander Peck, Tina Pickens, Damon Prince, Mackenzie Reed, Kenneth Robison, Megan Schock, Tyler Sconyers, Jensen Sledd, Micheal Sparks, Steven Tauth, Angelia Taylor, Courtney Tran, Joe True, Gabrielle Walker, Nickolas Wheeler

Technical Certificates: Ana Alegria, Helen Bahena, Araceli Barajas, Garrett Carriger, Marshall Carter, Tabitha Crossley, Austin Davis, Jamie Durfee, Jerimiah Elliott, Lavonda Evans, Lindsey Evans, Tyler Floyd, Brigitte Goslee, James Hardister, Hawes Heard, Kelicia Highsmith, Cole Howard, Michael Hulse, Randall King, Michel Kouetcha, Melissa Krafft, Linda Lee, Michael Lewis, James Longinotti, Kendra Mann, Suzanne McNary, Alice Moll, Reuben Palmer, Nicole Pedlar, Tyriana Person, Trip Pickens, Damon Prince, Kayla Roberson, Christy Rush, Bobbie Sebren, Dillon Stevens, Ashleigh Wiggins, Emily Wilkerson, April Wilson

Hot Springs Village

Associate’s Degree: Jennalyn Devers, Jennalyn Devers, Deanne Hutchens, Karen Jeffress, Karly Kroening, Miguel Soria, Holly Staggs, Felicity White, Jacqueline Rusheon, Christina Williams

Certificates of Proficiency: Jon Altimus, Evan Murphy

Technical Certificates: Miguel Soria


Associate’s Degree: Germaine Swinton


Associate’s Degree: Sheena Burrow, Scotti Gerhardt

Certificates of Proficiency: Joshua Herron, Jonathan Miles, Joseph Miles


Technical Certificates: Tyler Tigue, Teresa Weaver


Associate’s Degree: Hannah Brock, Jessica Robertson

Certificates of Proficiency: Georgia Miller, Francis Morrow


Associate’s Degree: Dustin Moore

Certificates of Proficiency: Laura Daes

Technical Certificates: Lana Kirksey

Mountain Pine

Associate’s Degree: Joseph Baker, Janet Bradley, Jennifer Ingoglia, Sherri Perry, Tyler Robertson

Technical Certificates: Seth Perry

Mt Ida

Certificates of Proficiency: Caleb Bridges


Associate’s Degree: Kathryn Powell

North Little Rock

Associate’s Degree: Angelica Dickson

Technical Certificates: Kimberly Marks


Associate’s Degree: Joeli Bradley, Caroline Breshears, Nathan Calcagno, Howard Cheresnick, Traci Duke, Ashlee Fason

Certificates of Proficiency: Jared Ballard, John Hackney, Joseph Hollinger, Jakob Martin, McKinley Norton, Elisha Ray, Marcella Smith, Julia Young, Karrissa Zuetlau

Technical Certificates: Jamie Keppert, Jakob Martin, Kimberly Phillips, Alexis Smallwood, Laura Woodall,

Pencil Bluff

Certificates of Proficiency: Taylor Smallwood


Associate’s Degree: Ian Crowell


Associate’s Degree: Katherine Praught


Associate’s Degree: Marissa Anaya, Tyler Baxter, Kaycie Bullion, Christopher Caldwell, Katie Carpenter

Certificates of Proficiency: Connie Roberson, Tyler Singleton, Andrew Waller

Technical Certificates: Joshua Hunter, Connie Roberson


Technical Certificates: Roberta Lenard


Certificates of Proficiency: Benjamin Tapley