2018 Benenfits (.pdf)On this page you can find the different benefits available to National Park College's employees.




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*Note - All employees are eligible for elective deferrals through these company's 403b plan. View the elective deferrals details.


Qual Choice

With Qual Choice, the college pays for the employee only, dependent coverage is premium-based.

Schedule of Benefits

State of Arkansas Employee Benefits Division

Insurance through the State of Arkansas is premium-based for all coverage.


2018 Health Rates

This file covers both options for health insurance (all plans).

Life Insurance

USAble and Lincoln Financial

Life Insurance is provided through USAble and Lincoln Financial. USAble provides a $15,000 life policy and Lincoln Financial provides a $20,000 life policy for the employee at no cost. Additional life insurance is available for the employee and their dependents through Lincoln Financial. USAble offers a $5,000 dependent life policy and $2,000 child policy. The cost is $30 per year.


Long-term disability

Long-term disability coverage is provided by the college. The employee becomes eligible for this benefit on the 13th month of full-time employment and enrollment is automatic.

Cafeteria Plan

Cafeteria Plan

NPC offers a cafeteria plan that is available to pre-tax medical premiums which are deducted through payroll authorization, out of pocket medical expenses, and dependent care expenses. There is a ninety-day waiting period for the out-of-pocket medical expense option. The medical premium and dependent care options are available immediately.

Dental & Vision

Delta Dental

Delta provides dental and vision insurance to employees who wish to participate. Click the link below of find your dental or vision provider.

Find a dental or vision provider