National Park College Foundation provides financial support to National Park College and its students through donor partnerships and raising funds for scholarships, buildings, and programs that make a difference in the lives of our students, their families, and the Hot Springs community.

The following funds have been created through the generous donations of NPC Foundation partners to provide perpetual scholarships, awards, and emergency aid. If you would like to donate to an established fund or create a scholarship to honor or in memory of someone, please contact Nicole Herndon.

NPC Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

Endowments and Named Funds

American Association of University Women (AAUW)
AFA Legacy
Artist Workshop
Bernard Nugent Nursing
Bill Ogden Memorial
Bob D. and Dana M. Lambert Math/Science
Bob and Doris Hawthorne
Bonita Russell Art Memorial
C. Dale Whitman Nursing
Capital Improvements
Charlotte Phelps Nursing
Chester Garrett Automotive
CHI St. Vincent Pathways to Excellence
Clinical of Excellence Award
Diana's Dollars
Dora Jane Ellis
Dr. Kenneth J. Cook English
Dr. Nizar Suleman
Dr. Van Davis Memorial
Elisabeth D. Wagner Foundation
Fawnda Broach RN Memorial
Fitzpatrick Memorial Nursing
Frances Elizabeth Iverson Nursing
Frank Buys
Fred Dierks Nursing
Gail Louise Pratt Nursing
Gay Garner Simmons Memorial
General Foundation
Geraldine Zachary Memorial
Ginger and Rustin Burns Nursing
Helping Hands
Jackson Nursing
James Russell Godwin, Sr. Nursing
James Olmedo Family Nursing
Jan and Paul Grasse Nursing
Jannetje Osterlee-Korteweg Memorial Respiratory Therapy
Jesse Garrett Memorial
Jim & Linda Castaldi Nursing
Jim Yeargan
Joe and Betty Harrison
Joel Yarberry Memorial
John and Helen Selig
Joseph C. Brown Memorial Nursing





Juanita and BG Williams Educational
June Westmoreland Smith
Junius M. and Peggy J. Stevenson
Kay Holden Memorial
Kristy Carter Book Scholarship
LaRue Look to the Future
Lee and Brenda Richardson
Luciew Military Service
M.R. Springer Radiology
Maartje van den Heuvel Memorial Nursing
Machine Tool
Martin Eisele Nursing
Math and Science
Max Wehunt Memorial Nursing
The Nightingale
NPC Foundation Single Parent
Nurses are Heroes
The Olds Foundation Nursing
Penelope's Path
Practical Nursing Spirit
Quapaw Technical
Ray and Patricia Smith Memorial Scholarship
Ray and Willodene Donathan 
Ray Cevela Caring Hearts Nursing
Relda Steelman Nursing
Rex V. McMahan Family
Robbie & Jay Hays Memorial
Robyn Lynn Megahan
Sally Carder Technical
Sawyer-Watts Professional Development
Scott Family Graphic Design
Seiz Sign Company
Sherree Hughes Memorial
Spirit of NPC Award
St. Joseph's Alumni Nursing
T.L. & Irene Core Memorial for Health Sciences
Teresa J. Buck Memorial Nursing
Tim Finchman Criminal Justice
Vincenzo Carmini Pascale for Culinary Arts
Vivienne Rose Iverson Nursing
Wanda Reese Hospitality
The Wencel Trust
William D. and Carma A. Stroupe Memorial