ID Badge

Students and Faculty are required to display IDs on their person while on campus.

Come by the Badge ID Office, located on the 2nd floor of the Student Commons in Student Services to have your ID made. You will need your schedule to receive an ID.

All new NPC IDs are free. Replacement NPC IDs are $10.00, payable in the Business Office on the second floor of the Student Commons.

image of new student ID

Parking Decal

Students and Faculty are required to display NPC parking decals on vehicles parked on campus lots.

Decals can be obtained on the 2nd floor of the Student Commons in Student Services.

Car decals are free. You will need to know the make and model of car plus the license plate number.

Students must park only in designated parking areas, including additional parking spaces at the gym. Special parking areas for students with disabilities are identified throughout the campus. State and county law enforcement officials do tow vehicles at the owner’s expense if they are parked illegally or in an unauthorized area, including vehicles illegally parked in “Handicapped” and “No Parking” slots.

parking decal example picture