NPC Online Degree Options

All credit hour requirements can be completed online unless specified. Some classes are only offered during certain terms during an academic year.

General Studies


Arts & Humanities





    • Language Arts
    • Math
    • Social Studies
    • Social Studies (History)


Health Professions


Social and Behavioral Sciences




*Associate for Transfer Degree designed to transfer and complete a Bachelors at a partnering institution. Though some may have online classes available, the class format for the final two years are determined by the partnership institution not NPC. Contact NPUC Transfer Coordinator for more information.

** General education courses are online NPC classes. Core courses are offered by UAHT at the NPC campus or online. Students are required to visit the UAHT Hope campus for one week at the end of the final semester.

*** Face-to-face clinical courses are required during the final year. Considerations are made to find locations near the student.