Invest in yourself and begin a rewarding career in nursing. Financial aid is available. CHI St. Vincent may cover tuition and fees for qualified students. You can afford it but you cannot afford to wait any longer.

Eligibility Requirements:

  1. You must apply and be admitted to the NPC Registered Nursing Program before you may apply for the CHI St. Vincent Pathway Program. Learn more about the registered nursing application process
  2. Complete the NPC/CHI St. Vincent Pathway Program application form.
  3. Write an essay addressing the following criteria:
    • What strengths will you bring to patient care at CHI St. Vincent Hot Springs?
    • How will you support the CHI mission, vision, and core values?
    • Tell us about your volunteer and leadership activities, if any?
  4. Submit two letters of reference. One letter must be from a current nursing faculty. If you are an LPN to RN applicant one letter should be from a nursing supervisor.

Upon completion of the application please return the form and necessary documents to the NPC Nursing Division on the second floor of the Frederick M. Dierks Center for Nursing and Health Sciences.