Transferring from NPC to a University

When you move from NPC to a university, you may find the transition overwhelming at first. You may discover the classes are several times larger, instructors may be less accessible, and the campus life can be more difficult to navigate. This experience is called "transfer shock."

This is a common experience for many students who transfer from one institution to another. However, the experience typically last less than one semester. To minimize the effects of transfer shock, refer to the following information: 

Transfer Shock

  • Be prepared for change.
  • Read carefully through the college catalog and all information your new institution provides you.
  • Participate in transfer student orientation and any other transfer student events.
  • If you're not completing all of your university courses online, visit your new campus at least once before classes start.
  • Seek information about parking, obtaining your student ID, transportation on campus (i.e. shuttle buses), bookstore hours, location of your classes, and library information in advance.
  • Connect with others. Seek information about student life and activities. Find a club or organization to join.
  • Make a point to meet two new people in each of your classes. Once you have done so, you will have at least two contacts to help answer questions about assignments, etc.
  • Ask your professors about their expectations. Read your course syllabus very carefully for each class and refer to it often.
  • Visit each one of your professors during their office hours within the first two weeks of the semester.