I love being in the honors program at National Park College. I highly recommend the program to anyone who has the credentials to be a part of it, especially if they like meeting new people. I have met many of my friends through the honors program, as well as great instructors. The classes provided by the program, such as criminal justice, are also excellent.

-Joseph Douglas - Education Major

In order to complete the NPC Honors Program, students must complete or maintain the following requirements. Students that do not complete all of the honors requirements will still be eligible to earn a standard diploma provided they have met the minimum requirements of their degree plan.

  • GPA Students must graduate with an overall 3.25 GPA to receive the Honors Diploma. During their coursework, any student that drops below a 3.0 GPA will not be eligible for additional Honors Program funds the following semester. If a student drops below a 2.0 GPA for any given fall or spring semester during their career at NPC, they will be dropped from the Honors Program, and will no longer be eligible for participation in Honors events, have access to Honors facilities, or receive any additional Honors stipends.
  • Volunteer Work All Honors students are required to complete 80 hours of volunteer work to complete the Honors degree requirements. Volunteerism must be professional or charitable, and not promote specific political or religious affiliations. All volunteer work must be unpaid.
  • Honors Seminar Courses Every student should complete at least four Honors Seminar courses. These allow students the opportunity to experience specific topics far more in-depth than in the typical classroom setting. The seminars are designed to be exciting and experiential, and the topics rotate frequently. Students may also complete Honors Internships in place of Honors Seminar courses. Honors Internships require a minimum of 32 contact hours for each internship.

  • Honors Contract Courses Honors Contract courses are regular general education classes in which Honors students do additional projects, with instructor and program approval, in order to receive Honors credit.

  • Capstone Project All honors students will prepare and present a Capstone project at the completion of their degree.