National Park College Organizational Structure

Board of Trustees

  • Office of The President

    John Hogan, President
    • Academic Affairs

      Wade Derden, Vice President for Academic Affairs
      • Academic Services

        Vacant , Director of Academic Services
        • Jill Houlihan, Academic & Curriculum Specialist
        • Connie Poteet, Concurrent Enrollment Coordinator
      • Adult Education

        Bill Ritter, Director of Adult Education
        • Hannah Lammers, Fiscal Support Specialist
        • Haydee Perez, Career Development Facilitator
      • Business, Arts, & Technology

        Jennifer Lyons, Dean of Business, Arts, & Technology
        • Roger Fox, Associate Dean of Business, Arts, & Technology
      • Institutional Research & Reporting

        Chris Coble, Director of Institutional Research
        • Amy Watson, Institutional Research Analyst
      • Library

        Lynn Valetutti, Library Director
        • Alexis Wilson, Assistant Librarian
        • Kristin Quintanilla, Assistant Librarian
      • Math & Sciences

        Chuck Argo, Dean of Math & Sciences
        • Samantha Christian, Associate Dean of Math & Sciences
      • Nursing & Health Sciences

        Janice Ivers, Dean of Nursing & Health Sciences
        • Josh Boyett, EMS Program Director
        • Angela McJunkins, LPN Program Director
        • Britt Turner, MLT Program Director
        • Chasey Dibble, Simulation Lab Coordinator
        • Debby Hunt, HIT Program Director
        • Janet Smith, AD Program Director
        • Paul Lowe, Respiratory Therapy Program Director
      • Online Learning

        Donna Kay, Director of Instructional Learning & Development
        • Pete Rognrud, LMS Administrator
        • Trinity Van Dusen, D2L Student Support Specialist
    • Community & Corporate Training

      Bill Allison, Vice President for Workforce
      • Advanced Manufacturing Technology Institute

        Robin Pelton, AMTI Director
        • Ken Walsh, Program Technical Manager
      • Child Care Aware

        Terri Helms, Child Care Aware Program Director
        • Donald Caudill, Grants Coordinator
        • Hope Mason, Program Coordinator - Events/Arts
        • Jacqueline Riley, Program Coordinator
      • Barry Ballard, Workforce Specialist
      • Kristin Thompson, Continuing Education Specialist
      • Pam Castleberry, Apprenticeship Coordinator
      • Makerspace

        Joel Rush, Program Specialist
        • Michael Karr, Makerspace Program Coordinator
      • Katelynn Hardage, NPUC Transfer Coordinator
      • NPTC

        Mike Wiles, National Park Technology Center Director
        • Don Foshee, Faculty
        • Amy Graves, Faculty
        • Dale Powell, Faculty
        • David Carrouth, Faculty
        • Joy Tucker, Administrative Assistant
        • Rebecca Wilson, Faculty
        • Sheryl Strother, Assistant Director
        • Tabatha King, Faculty
        • Burt Woodall, Faculty
        • Edward Burgess, Faculty
        • Michael Bridges, Faculty
        • Brian Charles, Faculty
    • Computer Services

      Blake Butler, Vice President for Information Technology
      • Miles Morton, Information Systems Manager
      • Stephen Carroll, Systems Manager, ERP Lead
      • IT Department

        Eric Boardway, Director of IT
        • Arthur Wilson, Network Administrator
        • Greg Gilbert, IT Support Analyst
        • Larry Benson, Computer Lab Technician
        • Nathan Ritter, Network Support Analyst
        • Tylor Clark, IT Support Analyst
    • External Affairs

      Darla Thurber, Vice President for External Affairs / Chief of Staff
      • Foundation

        Nicole Herndon, Executive Director of Foundation
        • Sarah Day, Foundation Coordinator
        • Valerie Lewis, Foundation Accountant
      • Marketing & Public Relations

        Melony Martinez, Director of Marketing & Public Relations
        • Jaymes Doss, Web Developer
        • Mark Oliver, Sports Information Director
        • Melissa Krafft, Content Developer
    • Finance & Administration

      Kelli Embry, Vice President for Administration
      • Accounting

        Andrew Pennington, Controller
        • Abigail Saveall, Fiscal Support Analyst
        • Brian Kroening, Assistant Controller
        • Leane Hardin, Accountant
        • Procurement

          Latisa Beason, Agency Procurement Official
          • Kurtis Markish, Purchasing Specialist
      • Bookstore

        Amy Fincham, Campus Store Manager
        • Sara Caldwell, Retail Specialist
        • Tim Ward, Fiscal Support Analyst
      • Jessica Ellis, Health & Safety Program Manager
      • Human Resources

        Julie LaRue, Human Resources Director
        • Maintenance

          Brad Hopper, Director of Physical Plant & Maintenance
          • Custodial Services

            David Caldwell, Maintenance Coordinator
            • Ana Rodriguez, Institutional Services Assistant
            • Exzonda Ross, Institutional Services Assistant
            • Orlando Rodriguez, Institutional Services Assistant
            • Pertonela Giurgea, Institutional Services Assistant
            • Thelma Guandique, Maintenance Assistant
            • Timothy Webb, Marketing Coordinator
          • Gerry Griffin, Maintenance Assistant
          • Nathan Day, Maintenance Assistant
          • Rodney Manning, Maintenance Assistant
      • Student Affairs

        Jerry Thomas, Vice President for Student Affairs & Enrollment Management
        • Financial Aid

          Lisa Hopper, Dean of Student Financial Services
          • Career Services

            Terry Bright, Career Services Director
            • Gail Carmon, Information Systems Analyst
            • Gayla Mattoon, Financial Aid Coordinator
            • Joy Cantrell, Financial Aid Analyst
            • Tusha Glapion, Financial Aid Analyst
            • Testing Center

              Josh Holiman, Testing Center Coordinator
            • Registrar's Office

              Scott Post, Registrar
              • Sharon Sinclair, Assistant Registrar
            • Student Support Services

              John Tucker, Dean of Students
              • Career Pathways

                LaTaschya Harris , Director
                • Christina Afeld, Fiscal Support Specialist
                • Kenita McKenzie, Veteran Affairs Coordinator
                • Mandee Harper, Disablility Coordinator
                • Robyn Hendrix, SSS Program Coordinator
                • Stephanie Rizzo, Student Affairs Generalist
                • Susan Millerd, Intervention Specialist
                • Suzanne Hendrix, SSS Program Coordinator
                • Student Tutoring

                  Lisa Walker, Tutor Supervisor
                  • Paula Henderson, Academic Tutor
                • Talent Search, ETS

                  Diane Meredith, Program Director
                  • Alison Rush, Advisor/Curriculum Coordinator
                  • Matthias Elder, Advisor
                  • Cissy Ferguson, Fiscal Support Analyst
                • Kaye Foshee, TRIO Advisor
                • Upward Bound

                  Becky McAlister, Upward Bound Director