Policy Number: 8.600

Policy Name: Naming of College Facilities

Original Adoption: March 24, 2004

Revised: January 25, 2006; August 18, 2016

Next Scheduled Review: September 2022

Responsible Cabinet Member: Vice President of External Affairs

Department/Office: Development


The purpose of this policy is to provide standard guidelines among all departments of National Park College in the naming of buildings, sites, and common areas. Naming opportunities may be granted in recognition of distinction and/or in recognition of financial support. It is the intent in naming a college facility to provide recognition in perpetuity, however, circumstances may alter the permanent nature of such a designation. Circumstances that may influence continuation of a facility's name might include, but not be limited to, demolition of the facility or change in the use of the facility. Should a facility need to be renamed, appropriate attention shall be given to alternative recognition that might transfer the name to another college facility, addition of the name to a permanent recognition registry, or other suitable recognition. A college facility that is named based on a financial agreement may not be changed except if the board finds a change is in the best interest of the college. The naming of college facilities may follow the policies and procedures as set forth in this policy or the National Park College Foundation Named Giving Policy depending on the intent of the donor.


Naming of College facilities and property was established to honor and recognize those who have substantially contributed to National Park College financially, intellectually, or by personal service.


Depending on the intent of the donor and type of donation, naming of College facilities may fall under the College or Foundation policy.


The process for reviewing any and all recommendations for naming a facility shall be thoughtful and involve careful consideration, and there shall be study made by the Board and/or a committee of the Board to assure that the decision is in the best interest of the college. It is recommended that a study and review of the recommendation shall require not less than 90 days.


The College Board of Trustees has the authority of final approval of any naming of the College facilities and property.


Named Giving Policy