Policy Number: 7.900

Policy Name: Policy Development

Original Adoption: March 4, 2015

Revised: N/A

Next Scheduled Review: September 2022

Responsible Cabinet Member: President

Department/Office: Office of the President


This policy was created with the approval of the President and Board of Trustees and recognizes the need to formalize the policy review and development process. Policy 7.900 and corresponding procedures were compiled using ideas and resources from the following organizations:

  • American University Operational Policies
  • Association of College and University Policy Administrators Resources
  • California State University San Marcos Policy
  • Collin County Community College Policy and Bylaw Development
  • Cornell University Policy
  • Indiana University Policy
  • Northwest Arkansas Community College Policy
  • Old Dominion University Policy


This policy defines the process of development, review and approval for all College policies and applies to all college departments, faculty, staff, and students.


Arkansas Code Section 6-61-521 grants authority to the Board of Trustees to establish rules and regulations for the institution. Section 4.100 of the Board of Trustees Statement of Policies grants authority to the President to implement the policies and procedures of the Board relating to College operations.  The policies of National Park College fall within the following framework and hierarchy and, therefore, are subject to compliance with laws and regulations instituted by higher levels of authority:

  • Federal laws and regulations
  • State laws and regulations
  • Board of Trustees Statements of Policy
  • Faculty Handbook and College Catalog
  • Internal guidelines

In the event of a conflict between different levels in 1 through 5 above, the lower numerical heading shall take precedence over the higher numerical heading. Internal policies and procedures that apply to the operations of individual departments or academic divisions may not conflict with College policy, but may be more restrictive. 


Policy: A policy is a formal statement of principles or rules adopted by the College to help fulfill the mission of student success.

Procedures: Procedures are specific methods or guidelines used to implement policies into the daily operations of the College. Procedures should include written instructions and logical steps.

Policy Template: A policy template is a format guide required to ensure consistency and uniformity among College policies.


The purpose of this policy is to ensure that National Park College students, faculty, staff and visitors have open access to well-constructed and understandable policies and procedures. All policies should:

  • Support the College’s mission.
  • Name a responsible party for review and accountability.
  • Be reviewed every two years from the date of approval or revision, or more frequently when needed.
  • Provide clear and concise guidelines.
  • Be presented in a common format.
  • Be approved by the President’s Cabinet, and when applicable, by the Board of Trustees.
  • Be maintained in a central location, accessible to all parties.
  • Provide clear distinction between policies and procedures.
  • Include access to procedures and related documents.
  • Follow official College policy development and revision procedures.

New policies and revisions to existing policies may be initiated by the College President, board members, employees, students, or community members, but are generally recommended by the President for Board consideration. The President may approve perfunctory or insignificant changes to any portion of a policy if the change does not alter the purpose, intent or application of the policy. Perfunctory changes shall be limited to changes made to correct spelling, grammatical errors, and to update titles, names, or other contact information for individuals or departments assigned to carry out the responsibilities of a particular policy.


All College employees and students are responsible to know and abide by College policies. Supervisors are responsible for communicating College policies to their employees, and ensuring policies are enforced. College policies applicable to students will be communicated through the student handbook.


Attachment A: NPC Policy Development Procedures
Attachment B: NPC Policy Development Flow Chart
Attachment C: NPC Policy Proposal Form 
Attachment D: NPC Policy Template