Policy Number: 7.200

Policy Name: Inclement Weather

Original Adoption: January 1, 1991

Revised: July 24, 1996; September 2016; April 2021

Next Scheduled Review: April 2023

Responsible Cabinet Member: Vice President for Administration

Department/Office: Health and Safety


The purpose of this policy is to provide guidelines to govern operations during inclement weather and to ensure compliance with OPM Policy 50.09 while balancing the needs and safety of the students and employees.


This policy applies to all faculty, staff, students and campus visitors.


The OPM Policy 50.09 and NPC Board.


Inclement Weather: Refers to any weather situation/event that might hinder the normal operations and/or pose a risk to well-being or safety of NPC faculty, staff or students to campus.

Contracted Worker: Anyone employed by a third party to complete work projects or provide services on the NPC campus (e.g., construction worker, security guard, consultant, etc.).


The President and members of the Cabinet will determine when the inclement weather policy is implemented based on area weather conditions. The College will communicate inclement weather decisions through a variety of mediums including but not limited to its emergency notification system, campus email, learning management system (LMS) and social media platforms.


College faculty, staff and students should consult their respective handbooks regarding specific inclement weather procedures.

Visitors and contracted workers should contact their on-site supervisor or point of contact regarding accessing campus during inclement weather conditions.

All college employees and students are responsible for monitoring local and social media or NPC ENS for implementation announcements.


NPC emergency notification system