Policy Number: 6.310

Policy Name: Student Disciplinary Action

Original Adoption: January 1, 1991

Revised: March 19, 2008; September 2016

Next Scheduled Review: September 2022

Responsible Cabinet Member: Vice President for Student Affairs

Department/Office: Student Affairs


This policy 6.310 was created with the approval of the President and Board of Trustees and recognizes the need to maintain appropriate standards for student conduct and to ensure due process for students who violate those standards.


This policy applies to all National Park College students and prospective students.


Arkansas code Section 6-61-521 grants the authority to the Board of Trustees to establish rules and regulations for the institution. Section 4.100 of the Board of Trustees Statement of Policies grants authority to the President to implement the policies and procedures of the Board relating to college operations. The policies of National Park College fall within the following framework and hierarchy and, therefore, are subject to compliance with laws and regulations instituted by higher levels of authority:

  1. Federal laws and regulations
  2. State laws and regulations
  3. Board of Trustees Statements of Policy
  4. Faculty Handbook and College Catalog
  5. Internal guidelines

In the event of a conflict between different levels in 1 through 5 above, the lower numerical heading shall take precedence over the higher numerical heading. Internal policies and procedures that apply to the operations of individual departments or academic divisions may not conflict with College policy, but may be more restrictive.


The College will outline appropriate standards for student conduct and ensure due process for students who violate those standards.


See attached outline of disciplinary procedures.