Policy Number: 5.130

Policy Name: Professional Growth and Development

Original Adoption: January 1, 1991

Revised: August 2016

Next Scheduled Review: August 2022

Responsible Cabinet Member: Vice President for Academic Affairs

Department/Office: Division Chairs


This update modifies language of the original policy adopted in 1991.


All full-time faculty members.


Faculty members are required to continue professional growth and may satisfy this requirement by participating in any of the following professional development activities:

  1. By successfully seeking additional credentials and/or certifications in a field of study that is relevant to the faculty member’s area of instruction or that benefits the College.
  2. By actively participating in a professional higher education organization.
  3. By actively participating in the institution's in-service faculty development programs.
  4. By participating in the College's community service programs.
  5. By conducting approved research.
  6. By other work experience, approved by the Vice President for Academic Affairs.


The Vice President for Academic Affairs and/or the appropriate supervisor are responsible for supervision of this requirement and determining that the necessary professional growth and development requirements are being met on an annual basis.