Policy Number: 4.530 

Policy Name: Attendance and Leave

Original Adoption: January 1, 1991, Revised November 15, 2000

Revised: September 2016

Next Scheduled Review: September 2022

Responsible Cabinet Member: AVP of Human Resources

Department/Office: Human Resources


The College has two work calendars, administrative and faculty, as established by the Vice President for Academic Affairs.


All full-time employees of National Park College


The President and College Cabinet as directed by the Board of Trustees.


Contract and Classified employees will follow the administrative calendar. These employees work the equivalent of 40 hours per week in schedules established between the employee and their manager to best suit the needs of the department. Employees on the administrative calendar follow the State of Arkansas Uniform Leave Policy located at www.dfa.arkansas.gov. Non-exempt employees will follow the college’s guidelines regarding time sheet documentation.

Faculty members will follow the academic calendar. Each faculty member will keep scheduled office hours which are computed at two-thirds of the regular teaching load (e.g., 10 office hours for a 15-hour teaching load).

Personal leave and sick leave are calculated in addition to days off within the College calendar for faculty members.

All employees are expected to participate in fall workshop and graduation ceremonies. Exceptions may be granted only in extreme circumstances by the employee’s immediate supervisor.


The time and leave policy will be monitored by the Human Resource Department under the direction of the Associate Vice President for Human Resources. Calendars will be established by the Vice President for Academic Affairs in accordance with State law and approved by the President.