Policy Number: 4.320

Policy Name: Search Committee Process

Original Adoption: January 1, 1991

Revised: July 24, 1996 and August 25, 2005, September 2016

Next Scheduled Review: September 2022

Responsible Cabinet Member: Associate VP Human Resources

Department/Office: Human Resources


To insure the College fulfills the requirements of an Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Employer and to assure the Board of Trustees that objective, professional and uniform standards are observed in screening and recommending new employees, Search Committees are used for the employment process. Exceptions to the use of the Search Process are allowed as recommended by the Associate Vice President for Human Resources and approved by the President, and in keeping with the Arkansas Office of Personnel Management guidelines.


Each Search Committee is formed on request by memorandum to the Associate Vice President for Human Resources and the appropriate Vice President. This assures that the position is officially declared open, and that proper advertising and publicizing is done. All correspondence becomes a part of the Committee historical file. Generally, the composition of the Committee will assure reasonable balance of faculty and staff, and provide for minority representation, if possible. The records of Committee activities must reflect that these issues have received adequate consideration.


NPC Board of Trustees entrusts the search process to Search Committees. At the conclusion of the Search they recommend a candidate to the President. The President approves the selection and the candidate is presented to the Board for final approval.


Search Committees may use interviews, reference checks, credentials and a rating process from the individual Committee members to make determinations of qualified candidates.


Because of the serious responsibility and the legal implications, both for the institution and for members of the Committee, all Committee work is done with complete confidentiality and the understanding that any breach could constitute grounds for dismissal.


It is the responsibility of the Vice President to assure in the recommendation to the President of the new employee that professional and objective judgment has prevailed and is documented. It is the responsibility of the Associate Vice President for Human Resources to insure that the file is securely kept for five years.


Forms and documents are shared securely by Human Resources to Search Committees. A historical file is compiled and securely stored electronically for five years.