Policy Number: 4.100

Policy Name: President

Original Adoption: January 1, 1991

Revised: October 26, 2005

Next Scheduled Review: August 2025

Responsible Cabinet Member: Vice President for Administration

Department/Office: Human Resources 

The President is the chief executive officer of the institution and the administrative officer of the Board of Trustees. The President has the final administrative responsibility over all activities of the College, is responsible to the Board of Trustees in all matters, and serves as a bridge of communication between the Board and the College.

The President is responsible for:

Board Relations

  • Reporting officially to the Board of Trustees informing them of College operations and activities and assisting with the development of institutional priorities, mission and vision.

Community, State and National Relations

  • Developing and maintaining effective communication and relationships with community, state and national leaders for the purpose of promoting the College.
  • Working with the College Foundation Board of Governors to accept gifts and raise private funds on behalf of the College Foundation for the future enrichment of various College programs.

Instructional and Student Services Programs

  • Overseeing an effective instructional and student services program.
  • Recommending to the Board of Trustees and administering institutional expenditures and operational budgeting in a manner which gives to instructional services the highest priority of available resources.
  • Organizing a completely free and open academic environment in the College, ensuring academic freedom for faculty and a positive atmosphere for teaching.

Fiscal Operations

  • Making recommendations to the Board of Trustees that promote sound, effective fiscal planning and operation of the College.

Staff and Personnel Relationships

  • Providing communication with the Faculty Council to ensure faculty contribution to institutional policy making.
  • Providing search and selection committees for recruitment in all faculty and staff positions which preclude personal favoritism and protect the rights of minority applicants.
  • Maintaining effective staff and personnel relationships.
  • Initiating and calling meetings of faculty and/or staff.

Management and Administration

  • Executing Board of Trustee policy within the framework of State laws and administration.