Policy Number: 2.700

Policy Name: Student Services

Original Adoption: January 1, 1991

Revised: July 24, 1996; November 15, 2000; September 2016; June 2021

Next Scheduled Review: June 2023

Responsible Cabinet Member: Vice President for Student Affairs

Department/Office: Student Affairs


The purpose of this policy is to ensure that National Park College will provide adequate personnel to give proper advising prior to the student’s enrollment; to maintain proper student records; to encourage each student’s understanding of individual ability; and to assist each student to fulfill personal, educational, and occupational goals. The staff will administer various types of financial aid available to the institution. Students will have access to free Career Services which will provide interest inventories, employability skills workshops, and links to employment. In addition, appropriate personnel will plan and supervise student activities and provide emergency services. The staff will also coordinate and/or administer appropriate tests to current and prospective students. The college will accept ACT, SAT, and ACCUPLACER scores for admission.


This policy applies to all National Park College students who are enrolled in credit classes.


The College will provide adequate personnel to administer comprehensive services to students.


All College employees and students are responsible to know and abide by College policies. Supervisors are responsible for communicating College policies to their employees, and ensuring policies are enforced. College policies applicable to students will be communicated through the student handbook.