Policy Number: 2.100

Policy Name: Summary of College Programs

Original Adoption: January 1, 1991

Revised: September 2016

Next Scheduled Review: September 2022

Responsible Cabinet Member: Vice President for Academic Affairs

Department/Office: Vice President for Academic Affairs


This policy revision replaces the previous Board Policies: 2.100, 2.200, 2.300, 2.400, 2.500, and 2.600


As a community college that strives to be comprehensive, the Board of Trustees has established a variety of programs to meet the educational needs of the residents in Garland County and the College’s service area. These programs include:

  • Postsecondary education
  • Professional and occupational education
  • Continuing education
  • Corporate and workforce development training
  • Early college education
  • Adult Education

In each of these broad educational areas, the College is committed to maintaining the highest academic standards. Regarding for-credit programs, the College is committed to meeting the standards set by recognized accrediting organizations to guarantee quality of instruction. Whenever possible, the College seeks the opportunity to work with business, industry and other community institutions in an effort to bring more diversified educational programs to the area for the purposes of encouraging sustainable economic development. To that end, the College will encourage transfer opportunities with partnering colleges, provide diverse occupational and professional preparation opportunities, promote early college coursework for area high school students, provide training that allows local employees to improve upon their skills, and offer broad based continuing education courses so that area residents can seek life-long learning and self-improvement.