Policy Number: 2.000

Policy Name: Legal Basis for the College

Original Adoption: January 1, 1991

Revised: N/A

Next Scheduled Review: September 2025

Responsible Cabinet Member: President

Department/Office: Office of the President


The Garland County electors voted to establish Garland County Community College District July 17, 1973. The geographical boundaries of the College District are the same as those of the County. They also voted to levy a two-mill tax for the institution. The election was authorized by Act 103 of the 1973 General Assembly.

The election results were duly certified, and the Quorum Court levied the tax in full at its 1973 Fall meeting.

The original Board of Trustees were appointed by Governor Dale Bumpers in accordance with the provisions of the enabling act. Members of the Board included Mrs. T. J. Collier, Mrs. R. Guinn Daniel, James Mosley, Gene Parker, Alroy Puckett, Herb Reamey, William Southard, Charles White, and David Whittington.

Originally a branch of the Ouachita Vocational Technical School, Quapaw Vocational Technical School was authorized by Act 310 of 1973 as a separate school. As a result of Act 1244 and Act 773 of 1991, the State Board of Vocational Education officially changed the name to Quapaw Technical Institute effective July 8, 1991.

The original Board of Directors for Quapaw Vocational Technical School were appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Senate.

For a complete list of members of the Board of Trustees, see Appendix B.

Act 678 of 2003 is an act to rename Garland County Community College as National Park Community College and to merge Quapaw Technical Institute into National Park Community College.

In 2014, the College rebranded and became National Park College.