Policy Number: 1.300

Policy Name: Mission, Vision, and Values

Original Adoption: January 23, 1991

Revised: June 23, 1993; May 26, 2004, October 2016, April 2020

Next Scheduled Review: April 2022

Responsible Cabinet Member: President or designee

Department/Office: President


Our Mission

Learning is our focus; student success is our goal.

Our Vision

To be the preferred choice for education, serving as a catalyst for personal enrichment, economic growth, and community engagement.

Our Values

As thought leaders we value: 

  • Access - for students from all walks of life in achieving their educational goals by offering a wide range of learning opportunities.
  • Excellence - through innovative new solutions and programs to ensure our premier institution produces competitive scholars and partners. 
  • Accountability - to ourselves, our students, and community partners. We are committed to personal accountability through ethical behavior, academic growth, and intellectual development.
  • Collaboration - by encouraging partnerships that address student, employee, and stakeholder needs, contribute to the economic prosperity of our region, and promote active engagement in global community. 
  • Respect - by maintaining an environment that creates opportunities to explore ideas, philosophies, and perspectives through open communication, social engagement, and diverse cultural experiences.