Policy Number: 1.200

Policy Name: History of National Park College

Original Adoption: August 27, 2003

Revised: September 2013; September 2016

Next Scheduled Review: September 2022

Responsible Cabinet Member: Executive Vice President for Advancement and Government Relations

Department/Office: Office of Advancement


The National Park College Board of Trustees recognizes the need to document and archive historic information and events regarding the evolution of the College.


This policy includes historic information regarding National Park College, formerly National Park Community College, Garland County Community College, and Quapaw Technical Institute.


National Park Community College was established by Act 678 of 2003 which authorized the merger of Garland County Community College and Quapaw Technical Institute. A timeline of the history of each institution is attached in the procedures.


Garland County Community College was established by the voters of the College District in a special election on July 17, 1973. Garland County was the first county in the State to establish a public community college under Act 103 of the 1973 General Assembly. The Hot Springs Chamber of Commerce designated a committee to coordinate the process of establishing the institution and holding the special election. The committee was chaired by local attorney, Don Schnipper. Other members of the executive committee were Doris Cammack, Rena Walters, Les Green, and Darrell Smith. Members at large were: W. Clarence Nolen, Dr. T. J. Collier, Fred B. Blagg, William J. Lane, Bessie Mae Elcan, Ann Packer, Gladys Watts, John L. Kauffman, Harley Sexton, Francelle Ledford, I. L. Stivers, W. T. Couch, Pat Smith, Mr. and Mrs. "Red" Confer, William B. James, William McCuen, Don Harris, Larry Elledge, Larry Ault, Jim Jett, Gerald Ferlin, Dan McCraw, Ken Hardister, Elizabeth Whitlow, and Reverend Rufus O'Neal.


The Office of External Relations will be responsible for updating and maintaining a timeline of the history of the College.


History Timeline