Transfer Opportunities

Transfer Opportunities

2+2 Transfer Degrees

The most common transfer agreement is a "2+2."  A 2+2 agreement lists specific courses you take at NPC in order to earn an associate's degree.  NPC courses also fulfill the first two years of a specific bachelor's degree.  Students who successully complete the associate's degree at NPC will transfer to the university as a junior in the designated degree program. 

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Associate of Applied Science (AAS) Transfers

An Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree is designed for students planning to join the workforce after graduation. However, students with an earned AAS degree may decide to transfer into a four-year program after completing their program.  Universities have identified specific transfer opportunities that are available to students with an AAS degree and which allow students to transfer the credits they earned toward a bachelor's degree.  

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Course-to-Course Transfer

NPC participates in the Arkansas Course Transfer System (ACTS).  ACTS provides information about courses which are guaranteed to transfer between Arkansas public colleges and universities.  

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