Advising and Counseling

What to Expect

During initial enrollment (see How to enroll) or at orientation, students will become acquainted with the academic advisors. To ensure success at NPC, an advisor will meet with students throughout the semester.

Students must consult with an advisor before or during each enrollment period and at any time when decisions concerning registration (including adding, dropping and withdrawing from classes) are made.

The advisors have been selected because they care about students’ well-being. They can be a key resource person to be contacted on a regular basis to ensure students are on the right track to be successful at NPC. The Counseling/Advising office is located on the second floor of the Gerald Fisher Campus Center and in the Ish Stivers Building.

Counselors/Advisors include:

Contact us at: 501-760-4232 or 501-760-4363