Well Yes! is the Employee Wellness Program for NPC and we are here to serve you! Our goal is to increase the health and well-being of all NPC employees through a comprehensive program designed to enhance mental and physical health. Come join us and just say Well Yes! to your health!


Complete the Well Yes! Waiver to sign up for the program. 

Once you enroll in Well Yes! you will be awarded $100 in Well Bucks to supplement the cost of classes during the Fall/Spring measurement periods. Once your Well Bucks are used, you may choose to pay the equivalent in US Dollars. 

Your spouse may also enroll in the classes if there is available space. Spouses will be required to pay the equivalent of the Well Bucks in USD. (For instance, a class which costs $25WB and $25USD for the employee will be $50USD for the spouse). 

You are granted a 2-hour time waiver per week to participate in wellness activities in accordance with the President’s Education Incentive Policy. You are expected to work with your supervisor and teams to coordinate activities and coverage for your areas. You may participate in activities before, after, and during lunch hours for additional classes. Participants that log 24 activity hours in a measurement period will be considered active members and eligible to receive the employer cafeteria plan/health savings account contribution beginning in January of the following year.

Need additional information? Review our Well Yes! Presentation