Marketing and Public Relations

The Office of Marketing and Public Relations is responsible for providing guidance and support for internal and external communications and initiatives that promote the mission and vision of National Park College. We offer brand management, marketing and communications services that meet the goals and objectives of the College’s strategic plan.

Our Mission

The Office of Marketing and Public Relations develops and implements strategies and initiatives that promote open, factual and effective communications with NPC stakeholders. Our purpose is to increase the overall visibility and enhance the reputation of NPC. Our efforts are meant to ensure that anyone coming in contact with NPC encounters a consistent, positive image of what the College represents and the services we provide our community.


The Office of Marketing and Public Relations is responsible creating and implementing the College’s brand strategy based on the campus strategic plan, core values, messages, and institutional identity. The National Park College brand is more than a collection of visual effects. The brand encompasses both tangible and intangible assets, ideas, emotions and words that stakeholders envision when thinking about NPC. Our brand is our reputation – the core values recognized as hallmarks of NPC and those unique experiences that separate our campus apart.

Our Services

To manage and maintain the College’s brand, the marketing and public relations team coordinates all aspects of the process, from focus groups and market research, creative execution, measurement and reporting. Below are some of the services we provide: