What is the Campus Store (Bookstore) phone number?

Customer Service 501-760-4117

Do I need an ID?

  You will need a VALID NPC STUDENT ID for purchases, returns & book buyback. Please get your NPC student ID as soon as possible in the Fisher Building, first floor, Student Center. A valid driver's license is required on personal checks.

What type of plastic do you accept?

  VISA, MasterCard, or Discover, credit or debit.

What are the campus store return policies?

  Return policy is located on the Campus Store page.


How can I find out what textbooks are required for my classes?

  Click on Textbook Lookup on the Campus Store page. You will need your course number and class/section number.

Can I buy my books online at the campus store?

  Yes. Click on the Online Textbook Orders on Campus Store page. You will need your course number and class/section number. Please allow three business days for processing. You can come by the store and pick them up or we can ship them to you Federal Express for a fee.

What if I buy a textbook and then drop the course?

  Bring the textbook and drop slip back for credit immediately before the returns deadline expires.

What supplies are required for my classes?

 Ask your instructor.


When are book buybacks scheduled?

We have a Daily Book Buyback program: Monday thru Friday 8:00am-3:30pm.

Do I need my NPC student ID for book buyback?


Can I bring someone else's books to buyback?


What if I have textbooks from a previous semester or textbooks from another college?

Bring them to the book buyback for review of value.


When is the last day I can charge or return purchases for credit to my student financial account in the Campus Store?

  You can find this date on our Campus Store page.

Do I need to bring any financial aid information with me to make purchases at the campus store?

  No. When you visit the campus store for your textbook and supply purchases, we will print a copy of your class schedule and your approved financial aid data.

What if my financial aid does not show up in the computer or is incomplete when I come to buy my books and supplies?

  We will refer you to your financial aid advisor for questions.  Upon approval, the information will be loaded into the computer for your next visit or you may be given a written approval by your advisor.

Will my campus store charges be deducted from my financial aid accounts?


How much do I have remaining on my financial aid account after tuition, fees, purchases, etc.?

  You will need to check your charges, credits, and balance on your OASIS account.

When will my campus store charges/credits appear on my OASIS account?

  The campus store normally reconciles and posts student charges and returns 1-2 business days after the transaction.

What if I have a question on the balance or charges to my OASIS account after I review it?

  Depending on the type question, you can visit the campus store (if question has to do with store purchases/credits), your financial aid advisor, or the business office.

Can I order textbooks online and charge them to my financial aid account?

  Yes, a menu will appear at the end of your order for you to select method of payment.

Will I need a valid NPC ID to charge campus store purchases or get credits to my financial aid account?

  Yes. Please get your NPC student ID as soon as possible.

Can I charge someone else's books and supplies to my financial aid account?