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 Can I take the lab courses online?

No, the two lab courses required for the A.A.S. degree are only available in the blended format. Criminalistics is offered in Spring Semesters, and Crime Scene Documentation is offered in the Fall. Students must complete Criminalistics with a C or better grade to be enrolled in Crime Scene Documentation.

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 Should I take a course online or in the classroom?

Some students find that online classes meet their needs best, because they can balance family or work obligations while completing their degree plan. Online courses are not designed to be easier than classroom sessions, but they might be more convenient. Other students prefer coming to class and learning the material. One consideration is that online classes require a degree of self-discipline and time management for the student to be successful. Check with a program instructor for specific questions, and they will share the online or classroom format of a specific class with you to help you decide.