Criminal Justice

The mission of the Criminal Justice Program is to introduce students to occupations in law enforcement and in the criminal justice system of the United States and the State of Arkansas. The program will assist students in discovering how the law affects their life and in making connections between the development of laws and societal and individual values. Students will learn how to use community resources such as local police, local bar association and other legal and public safety agencies.

An optional certification in Police Radio Dispatch Services is available to interested students. The cost of the materials and certification test for interested students is $90. Payment of the fee and completion of the material does not guarantee certification. Students in the program may also certify in Heartsaver First Aid/CPR.

In 2011, NPTC Criminal Justice class members won the gold medal (State Champion) in Criminal Justice, and the gold and bronze medals (State Champion and 3rd Place) in Crime Scene Investigation through SkillsUSA competitions. In 2012, NPTC competitors placed 2nd and 3rd statewide in Criminal Justice, and 4th in Crime Scene Investigations.

Students in the Criminal Justice program are held to a higher standard of conduct than other areas of study. Students who are involved in illegal activities on or off campus, are arrested, or are charged with criminal offenses may be removed from the program.

  Level 1 (First Year) Level II (Second Year)
Fall Semester Introduction to Criminal Justice Crime Scene Documentation
Spring Semester Foundations of Law Enforcement Criminal Law

All programs in the technical center have three class periods available for enrollment. In the event there are more applicants for a section than seats available, students will be asked to choose an alternate period. If the section(s) are still over enrollment capacity, the following additional criteria will be used to determine acceptance into the program:

Level 1 (First Year)

  • 1. Minimum sixth grade reading level;
  • 2. Minimum sixth grade math level;
  • 3. Minimum GPA of 2.0;
  • 4. Student interview.

Level 2 (Second Year)

Must successfully complete the Level 1 program with a minimum grade average of 75%.

(Both years) Students who do not pass the first semester with a "D" or above are not eligible to return for the second semester.