Advertising & Graphic Design

Program Structure

This is a two-year program that meets every week day for an hour and twenty minutes.

First year students take Fundamentals of Advertising and Graphic Design and learn to apply artistic techniques to present information via illustrations and other forms of printed media. Students will work with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to learn design basics, typography, color theory and advertising.
Second year students will take Intermediate Advertising and Graphic Design which emphasizes the integration of computer skills and knowledge of software used in the marketplace. Students learn advanced design and computer skills, digital photography, web development, animation and develop a professional portfolio and resume.

Job Opportunities

There is a wide range of opportunities for students who graduate this program. Most of our students continue their education in graphic design, marketing, advertising or web design. But many have found jobs directly after graduation working as entry-level production designer, at a media company creating online advertising, working at print shops doing t-shirt design and print production.
If you are a creative problem solver, this is definitely a field where you will be able to find job placement.

Degree Explanations

Students who complete this program will receive a Certificate of Proficiency in Digital Media and receive 6 hours of concurrent credit for Adobe InDesign, Digital Photography and Designing for the Internet.