Learning Acceleration Division

Program Overview

The Learning Acceleration Division reading and writing faculty developed the Accelerated Learning Plan and Integrated Reading and Writing courses to not only better serve the needs of NPC students, but to shorten the pipeline and enable students to move through pre-college and developmental courses more quickly.


title Fall 2015 Success Rates
height 320
hAxis.minValue 0
hAxis.maxValue 100
legend.position none
chartArea.left 175
chartArea.right 0
Area of Study Percentage of students who did not withdraw from class role::annotation
Foundations of College Math 1 78.4 78.4%
Foundations of College Math 2 71.2 71.2%
Math Essentials 82 82%
Integrated Reading and Writing 71.1 71.1%
ALP 97.6 97.6%

Since the Fall of 2013, 77% of students who completed Foundations of College Math passed College Algebra after the first attempt.

title First Attempt Passes
height 240
legend.position none
- -
Pass on First Attempt .77
Did not Pass on First Attempt .23

Accelerated Learning Plan (ALP)

The Accelerated Learning Plan is a form of mainstreaming developed at the Community College of Baltimore County designed to raise the success rates and lower the attrition rates for students placed in developmental writing. An added benefit of the plan is that it shortens the length of time spent in pre-college level courses.

Integrated Reading and Writing (IRW)

Integrated Reading and Writing shortens the time students spend in developmental courses by combining Foundations of Reading and Foundations of Writing, two entry-level pre-college courses.