Pathway Overview

The Industrial Technology Pathway includes a wide range of career options in Automotive Service Technology, General Technology, Industrial Technology, Marine Repair, and Welding. These programs offer a combination of classroom training, as well as hands-on learning and real-life scenarios to help prepare you for today’s work force.

Degrees and Certificates

Automotive Service Technology

  • Automotive Brake Specialist, CP
  • Automotive Engine Performance Specialist, CP
  • Automotive Front End Specialist, CP
  • Automotive Service Technology, AAS
  • Automotive Service Technology, AAS for Transfer to UAFS BAS (Emphasis - Management & Leadership)
  • Automotive Service Technology, CP
  • Automotive Service Technology, TC
  • Automotive Service/Maintenance, CP
  • Automotive Transmissions, CP
  • Automotive Tune-up Specialist, CP

Industrial Technology

  • Industrial Technology, TC
  • Industrial Controls, CP
  • Mechanical Systems, CP

Marine Repair Technology

  • Marine Repair Technology, TC

Welding Technology

  • Pipe Welding, CP
  • Welding Layout & Fabrication, CP
  • Welding Technology, TC
  • Welding/GMAW, CP
  • Welding/GTAW, CP
  • Welding/SMAW, CP