Program Overview

The two-year Computer Science transfer program is designed to prepare you to transfer all coursework to Southern Arkansas University (SAU) to  complete the Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science. Choose from one of four Computer Science options.

Program Structure

Computer Science is offered in blended and online formats.

All courses listed in the catalog are required. Courses should be scheduled in the sequential order appearing in the Graduation Map for each particular degree program as found in the College Catalog.

Job Opportunities

  • Database Administrator
  • Software Engineer
  • Video Game Designer
  • IT Security/Privacy Specialist
  • Mobile Application Developer
  • Health Information Systems Developer
  • Application Architect

Degrees and Certificates

ASLAS in Computer Science for transfer to SAU

This option offers the student a strong and general foundation in computer science theories and practices. Students learn how to design and implement efficient and intelligent algorithmic solutions to challenging computer science problems. They are also trained in data management, data analytics, software engineering and other core computer science concepts.

ASLAS in Computer Science-Technology for transfer to SAU

This option focuses on the use of computers in various applications in industrial, manufacturing and engineering technologies, with specific emphasis on computerized simulations and manufacturing processes.

ASLAS in Computer Science-Computer Gaming and Animation Design for transfer to SAU

Jointly offered with the Department of Art and Design at SAU, this option is for students interested in developing video games and animations. Students learn how to create innovative artistic narratives and how to translate those narratives into animated productions as mobile and desktop apps. Project-based industry-like experience is the focus of this training.

ASLAS in Computer Science-Cyber Security and Privacy for transfer to SAU

This program offers students dual and complementary expertise in cyber security and privacy. Students develop a solid theoretical foundation and receive hands-on training on how to prevent, detect, and neutralize cyber-attacks. Students also learn how to determine privacy compliance and design privacy compliant systems. Exclusive content on the recent advancements in cyber security and privacy are delivered in SAU's classes.