Honors Program

Honors Program


The NPC Honors Program offers you the opportunity to participate in a challenging and rewarding academic experience that will prepare you for transfer to four-year colleges.

The Honors Program is designed to promote critical thinking, stimulate intellectual growth, and provide a humanistic perspective to complex issues using an interdisciplinary approach. It will elevate your scholarship, leadership, preparedness, and cultural awareness. The Honors curriculum is designed to promote active and experiential learning and foster intellectual independence and includes advanced research and critical thinking, service learning, international travel and cultural experiences. 

After completing the honors curriculum you will receive a special Honors-only diploma upon graduation, and recognition at the graduation ceremony highlighting your academic distinction.

Find out more about the Honors Program's features, admission requirements, and completion requirements below.

Program Features
The Honors Program's key features include limited class sizes, study abroad, service learning,  a capstone project, honors-only lounge/study room, and priority registration and advising.
Admission Requirements
Find out about admission requirements for both incoming and current National Park College students and apply.
Completion Requirements
Completion requirements for the Honors Program include maintaining a 3.5 overall GPA, volunteer work, orientation, and a capstone project. 


The Honors Program will:

  • Encourage more academic rigor and intellectual stimulation for our high-performing students
  • Allow our students to be more competitive and prepared when applying to four-year programs
  • Develop critical thinking skills, research and writing skills, and foster independent thinking
  • Enjoy a more collegial experience both with fellow students and faculty
  • Provide greater financial, academic, and social opportunities on-campus and in the community