Institutional Resources & Reporting

Student's Right to Know

As a student of NPC there are certain things you have a right to know:

A prospective or currently enrolled student has the right to request graduation or completion rates of National Park College students as well as the annual Campus Security Report. These documents are also available in the Registrar’s Office, located on the 3rd floor of the Fisher Campus Center. 

Download the Clery Annual Campus Crime and Security Report.

Graduation and Transfer Out Rates

  Graduation Rates Transfer Out Rates
Men 19% 6%
Women 17% 7%
Overall 18% 7%

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Title IX

No person at National Park College will, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied benefit of, or be subjected to sex discrimination, sexual harassment or sexual misconduct under any education program or activity.

Contact Information

Title IX Coordinator

Susan Millerd, Behavior Interventionist

Social Science Faculty Building  

(501) 760-4163

Title IX Deputy/Investigator

James Montgomery, Social Science Division Instructor

Social Science Faculty Building   

(501) 760-4137

Title IX Deputy

Janet Brewer, Associate Vice President for Human Resources

Fisher Campus Center 3rd Floor

(501) 760-4221

Title IX Deputy Coordinator

John Tucker, Dean of Students

Fisher Campus Center 2nd Floor



No arrests have occurred as a result of crimes committed on campus for the past  year. (January 1, 2014 - December 31, 2014).

Reporting Crimes

Criminal acts on campus should be reported immediately to the Vice President for Student Services at 501-760-4202 or the On-site Garland County Sheriff Deputy at 501-760-4293.


At least one administrator is on campus at all times, an evening security officer is on duty.

Security Awareness Programs

Information in the form of publications, video programs, and crime awareness seminars will be provided students and staff throughout the year.

Legal Sanctions

Students arrested for crimes committed on campus are subject to criminal penalties under local, state, and federal law.

College Sanctions for Violation

Any arrest on campus may subject the student to appropriate disciplinary action up to and including suspension from college.

Criminal Offenses - On Campus

In accordance with Title IV Federal Financial Aid requirements and the US Department of Education requirements, NPC provides the following information to prospective and current students and to the campus community:

Criminal Offense Total occurrences On Campus
  Calendar Year 2014
Murder/Non-negligent manslaughter 0
Negligent manslaughter 0
Sex offenses-Forcible 0
Sex offenses - Non-forcible (include only incest and statutory rape) 0
Robbery 0
Aggravated assault 0
Burglary 0
Motor vehicle theft 0
Arson 0